Accessories - Foam Fillers

Profiled foam fillers are used to fill the gaps created by profiles roof sheeting at the ridge and eaves.   Manufactured from hard wearing polyethylene foam profiled eaves fillers and profiled ridge fillers seal the roof voids to prevent dust, water ingress and can deter birds and rodents from entering and nesting.

  • Bi-colour fillers available (Black on one side white on the other)
  • Sold as pairs (long flute and short flute foam fillers)
  • The "Long Flute" half of the pair will sit on top of the sheeting and fill the profile between the sheet and the ridge or abutment flashing
  • The "Short Flute" half of the pair is pinned below the sheet at the eaves line
  • Should be fitted whilst fixing sheets and flashings so that either the main fix screw pins the filler in place whilst fixing the sheets at the eaves, or so that the stitcher screw pins the filler down while adding ridge or abutment flashings
  • If used on a free standing mono pitched roof with no flashings two pairs of fillers will be required per sheet width so that a short flute half can be used at both the front and the back

Other foam fillers are available, if you cannot find the profile taht you are looking for please contact us

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