Laplock - 28mm


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Laplock with 28mm Clear Seala Washer - Sold in Bags of 100no. - (CODE: FB1LAP38S28CL)

Laplock fixings can be used when securing overlaps from rooflight to either steel or fibre cement roofing sheets. Laplocks can also be used to stitch some fibre cement accessories to the sheeting in situations where you are unable to pick up on the main supports The fixing point must be pre-drilled before inserting the laplock into the hole, when you tighten the 8mm hex head on the laplock the rubber sleeve around the shaft of the fixing expands, giving a firm and watertight fixing point. 

Laplocks with the 28mm seala washers are for use on the laps of corrugated profiled sheets.

  • 38m long rubberised shaft
  • 28mm clear seala washer
  • Ideal for securing side laps on corrugated profile rooflights
  • 8mm (5/16) hex head. 8mm magnetic drill socket also available


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