PVC Fixing Kits


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PVC Woodscrew Kits for Fixing Corrugated PVC sheeting. Sold in Bags of 10no. - (CODE: FD1PVCPACK)

Used to fix 3" corrugated PVC sheeting to timber supports.  Comes complete with spacers which fit under the crowns to add support and prevent over tightening.  Also comes with seala washer with strap cap. 

We recommend that you use 3 fixings across the width of the PVC sheet an as many supports going up the sheet as you have (average 12 fixings per 10ft sheet).   Should be crown fixed and holes need to be pre-drilled.

  • 10 x 50mm x 4mm long wood screw (30mm of thread)
  • 10 x 19mm long clear plastic spacer
  • 10 x Clear rubber seala washer with strap cap


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