Light Section Screw - 32mm (with 29mm washer)


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32mm long, Carbon Steel, sheet to Light Steel Self drilling screw with 29mm bonded washer - Sold in Bags of 100no. - (CODE: FD1LS32W29)

Widely used when installing single skin box profile GRP rooflight sheets tozed or Cee section Purlins.  Designed to be fixed through the valley (low part) of the profile.  To avoid the GRP splintering, it is advised that you pre-drill through the GRP sheet before using the drill screw which will self drill into steel up to 2.5mm thick.

The 29mm bonded galvanised washer gives a watertight fixing point through the valley and ensures the strongest possible fastening to the steel supports beneath.  (Fixing through the crown of the sheet should be avoided where possible as this can often cause the crown to dent if over tightened, it can also allow for more movement at the fixing point.)

  • 32mm long x 5.5mm diameter self tapping screw
  • Will self screw through up to 2.5mm thick steel
  • 8mm (5/16) hex head. 8mm magnetic drill socket also available
  • Comes complete with 29mm diameter bonded galvanised washer.  29mm clear or safety red screw caps to suit also available

When using drillscrews to fix corrugated profile sheets you would need to fix through the crown of the corrugation and use in conjunction with a M8 Seala washer and Deep Cover Seala Cap.

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