Ruffnex Drill Screw - 32mm No Washer


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32mm long, Carbon Steel, sheet to concrete or brickwork screw with no washer. - Sold in bags of 100no - (CODE: FD1RX32NW)

Otherwise known as tapcons, these screws are widely used when installing single skin box profile steel sheets directly to brickwork, blockwork or concrete.  Designed to be fixed through the valley (low part) of the cladding profile.  The self tapping screw will drill it's own hole through up to 0.7mm thick steel sheeting and then cut its own thread into masonry - No need for plugs.


  • 35mm long x 5.5mm diameter self tapping screw
  • Also for use to fix timber to concrete, block or brickwork
  • High Thread detail incorporates a course thread just under the head that is larger diameter to the rest of the screw.  This extra thread stitches the top sheet under the washer of the fastener and gives resistance to the sheet pulling away from the washer.
  • 1 x masonry drill bit supplied with every pack for pilot holes when needed
  • Blue climaseal finish
  • 8mm (5/16) hex head. 8mm magnetic drill socket also available

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