The Cladman Cladding Tool


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The Cladman is designed to enable a single person to install a wide range of Fibre Cement Weather Boards with minimum effort. Vastly improving safety, saving labour costs, improving efficiency, while maintaining superior accuracy.


How to use

Once you have your 1st board in place, you can set the Cladman up to enable a consistant lap from that board throughout your job.


Using the ​overlap guide provided, set the required overlap by ​selecting the relevant ​roller position​ and adjusting the ​lower legs​. ​This step is only required once throughout the job.


To install boards,​ ​fix the Cladman to ​a baton using the top securing screw, installing the ​second Cladman unit in the same manner ​​at a position relevant to the board length. Slide the boards into position ​on the roller guide.


The boards are now held in place hands-free, allowing you to install​ with ease.

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